Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector.

Technicolor is home to creative technology professionals committed to the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content to consumers around the world. In support of network service providers and broadcasters, Technicolor ranks among the world-leading suppliers of digital content delivery services and home access devices, including set-top-boxes and broadband gateways.



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As even the most advanced technology starts with someone having a bright idea which is consequently made into a product, we are constantly on the lookout for talent to join our Research and Development center in Belgium. If you are passionate about excellence and innovation, come and see us. We are a dynamic organization and aim to keep our leading position. You too can be a part of our winning team!

Ever wonder how a technology company becomes a technology leader? Or how to reinvent an industry that reinvents itself daily? Then you’re ready to feel the wonder at Technicolor.

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Rutger Le Jeune

Als student mocht ik bij Technicolor een onderzoek doen voor mijn Masterproef. Ik bekeek of het mogelijk was om een installatie assistent te ontwikkelen voor een LTE gateway, zodat de eindgebruiker deze zelf thuis zou kunnen installeren. Dan heb ik als job student dit project mogen verwezenlijken: een heel aangename ervaring! Het LTE team heeft me al die tijd prima ondersteund zodat ik alles tot een goed einde kon brengen, wat leidde tot een mooi eindresultaat en mooie punten! Toen mijn werk bij het LTE team erop zat, kreeg ik een contract aangeboden om vast te komen werken bij Technicolor. Dat heb ik dan ook gedaan, en nu werk ik in het Platform team.  We testen uiteenlopende hardware platformen aan de hand van een automatisch testsysteem. Verder gaan we ook na of onze software blijft werken als er platformen worden toegevoegd of een update krijgen. Naast het testen heb ik ook nog een administratieve rol als Scrum master. Dit houdt in dat ik insta voor het plannen en leiden van meetings en het onderhouden van Jira. Ziehie mijn verleden en heden bij Technicolor in een notendop. Ik mag wel concluderen dat Technicolor jonge studenten en werknemers genoeg kansen geeft!

Dominik Smits
Europe customer program director

I have been working for Technicolor for 14 years, growing from junior program manager to currently being the manager of the EMEA Telco BB customer program management team. As a program manager in an international company you work with lots of people and cultures, which is what I love about this job.

Steven Leys
Project manager

As a project manager, my job is to co-ordinate all engineering activities throughout the product development cycle: from concept to customer acceptance. This implies working with internal as well as external stakeholders (development and validation teams, program management, sales, customers), planning and tracking development work, managing risks, project communication etc. In an environment that is ever changing, with numerous customers being serviced simultaneously, this is a challenging but also rewarding job.

Ly Thu Huong
Junior Software Developer

I've learned a lot working in the Infrastructure team for one year. Not only domain-specific knowledge, but also the critical thinking mindset, problem solving skills etc. And most importantly, I learnt from my colleagues how to enjoy and work happily despite all stressful tasks.

Bernard Clabots
Customer Care and Validation Lead

Working at Technicolor, I particularly enjoy the diversity of people and mindset: I meet and work with people from more than seven countries every day. As a customer care engineer, I am linking (international) customers, research and development and project management. I have the opportunity to discuss highly technical subjects with experts, to challenge their views and contribute to a solution together. Nothing is steadfast, and there is a culture of flexibility and adaptation to new realms where each and everyone get to contribute their share. In a competitive environment all inputs are welcome, but also challenged for effectiveness and usability. My role allows me to touch very technical subjects, but interpersonal skills are also valued as well as pragmatism. I would say we are realist solution makers.

Besides the busy work environment, I enjoy the freedom Technicolor gives me to manage work and time and especially to balance family and work, which is very important for young parents such as myself and many of my colleagues.

Nayla Haddad
Product manager

A new job is a new opportunity to challenge yourself. When I decided to join Technicolor, I knew I would join a team mainly consisting of engineers who are passionate about the latest technologies and who master the Wi-Fi parallel world like the back of their hand. With my poor (or non-existing) knowledge in this field, I was curious to learn from them and was enthusiastic to be contaminated by their passion.

I joined the Next Generation team as a product manager, because I find it exciting to be at the centre of today and tomorrow’s technologies. The Wi-Fi expectations and uses are evolving extremely quickly; Technicolor is a key player in this fascinating evolution, and ready to create new solutions to be ahead of the game. I am thrilled to be a part of it and I really look forward to the upcoming world-class success of the team!